The Peter Josef Mies and Elizabeth Enenbach Descendants

Wedding Picture

 This is the home page for the descendants of the Mies family in Illinois. If you have any contributions for it, please contact us.

History of the Mies Family

Biography of Peter Josef Mies
Biography of Elizabeth Enenbach Mies
A Description of the Early Homesteading Days
A Reminiscence of Our Father

2007 Reunion Report
2005 Reunion Report
2004 Reunion Report
2003 Reunion Report
2002 Reunion Report
2001 Reunion Report

2000 Reunion Report

1999 Reunion Report

1998 Reunion Report

1997 Reunion Report

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Mary E. Mies
Georgiana O'Connor
Harold H. Mies
Charles Mies
Lloyd Heineman
John Edmonds
Marge Ridgley
June Edmonds
Catherine Mies

Robert "Russ" Babb
Mildred Mies
Helen Schilf
Geraldine Mies

Cathrine Liste
Donna Mamer
Alice Rachel Mies
Louisan Hagen
Mary Mies Brinton
Wheaton Mies
Suzanne Mies Lee
Esther Yost
Sandra Bixler
Susan Bixler Pachniak

Francis O'Connor
"Doc" Schilf
Ray Attig
Jay Merz
Ken Babb
Kathy Sluder
Vonnie Heineman
John Mamer
Stuart Mamer
Ron Finn
Marguerite Mies
Dorothy Attig
Frances Mies

Ellen Woods


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Family Tree
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Wedding Picture, 1867
2nd U. S. Generation, 1907
Kids at the Reunion, 1919
3rd U.S. Generation, 1928
1882 Family
1886 Family
1955 Family
1998 Family

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The next Mies Family Reunion will be on Sunday, August 8, 2021, at St. Mary's Church Hall, Pontiac, IL.

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Curious fact: Mies was spelled "Meis" during the 1920's.


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